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Are you tired of spending precious travel time seeking out Christian community?

  • Save time by connecting with potential Christian friends before you even depart

  • Feel connected and understood by travelers who share your beliefs and morals

  • Be supported by travelers who share your interests and your love for the Lord

  • Grow in your relationship with God and others on your adventures

Christian Travelers celebrating after a hike
Christians worshiping together

Like you, we have arrived at dream destinations only to find that those there had a more worldly view of travel - thus leaving us feeling isolated and misunderstood. We wasted abundant amounts of our treasured travel time seeking out a like minded community. Thus, we created this growing community to help you avoid the same struggle.

Where To Begin

1. Join The Community - Subscribe

2. Introduce Yourself - make a profile
3.Find travelers with similar tastes - explore communities and trips
4. Make Friends - get connected locally and online

Christian tour group meeting for the first time

Hello Christian Traveler! On my first solo trip to Europe I met a lot of incredible people. However, their intentions for travel were focused on themselves and the "You Only Live Once" mentality. While I shared my travel stories with them - I  found myself longing for Christian friends who would be excited by what the Lord was doing around the world, who were just as thrilled to praise Him in a church that didn't speak my native language, and who would help hold me accountable in a new city. Realizing that there weren't groups out there talking about these joys of vacationing and connecting Christian travelers - I decided to take my Director of Christian Education degree and use it to empower people to learn more about the correlation between faith and travel, and help Christians get connected wherever your travels take you!

5 Ways To Avoid Being Disconnected on A Trip

5 Tips Are On Their Way!

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