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Port St. Lucie, Florida

Nov. 8-11, 2021

If you are a Christian who is ready to travel, build genuine Christian friendships, and be mindful of God in your adventures - then join us in tropical Florida for an exploration into God's creation and community!

Standing on a paddleboard drifting across the waves as a the sun begins to set, listening to the seagulls as you smell the ocean breeze...

...it's the perfect way to end a day of venturing through the hidden mangroves on a kayaks and learning to sail a catamaran on the St Lucie River!

You joke with new friends as you retell stories of - flying through the clouds on the trapeze, relaxing at the spa, and making a splash on water skis - recalling how these adventures pushed you outside your comfort zone to courageous new heights with the Lord.

Admiring the palm trees surrounding your peaceful getaway, you are thrilled that you are finally here... connecting with people in God's creation after a year of physical and spiritual isolation.

(Is this tropical paradise anything like heaven?)

Oh, the wonders of Port St. Lucie!
Let me tell you more...
Recline At The Table - Paddle Boarding in Florida
Now, I know that you've heard that God designed us all uniquely and to be in community....

...but imagine the powerful connections formed when travel motivated Christians like you - gather together again to collaborate explore His creation and by mindful of His miracles! 

This incredible retreat is a true example of the dynamic impact our brothers & sisters in Christ have on our perspectives.

Just because God called us to "go" and explore His creation - doesn't mean we have to travel alone!

After all, we all need some encouragement in our faith walk - especially when we are on the road.

NOW is the time to explore, reflect, and grow in a a faith based travel community!

Recline At The Table - Laughing in Florida
Recline At The Table is the #1 retreat designed to help you to discover how God uses exciting adventures to connect you with those around you! 
So tell me, is this you?

  • You are longing for deeper, more authentic, Christian friendships

  • You know that God has called you to vacation in a way that gives Him glory

  • You are constantly dreaming of adventures - you desire to explore the world because it gives you insight into the vast creativity and love of our Creator

  • You are seeking to change your perspective and be more mindful of God's handiwork in the daily mundane and epic excursion

  • You value face-to-face faith conversations​

  • You love trying new things, even when they are a challenge

  • You are looking for an occasion to getaway from the hustle and bustle to invest in yourself and your relationship with God! 

Recline At The Table - Bible Study in Florida
Recline At The Table - Beach View In Florida

If you answered "YES" to five of these or more, then this retreat was designed with YOU in mind...

You will LOVE attending Recline At The Table in Florida this November!

It's 5 days of active exploration while daily wrestling with what it means to truly rest with the Lord.


The active and restful parts of this retreat were designed with YOU in mind. Together we will learn how to balance these conflicting interests with mindful recognition of the God's role in all things.

This tucked away corner of the world, with its abundant options for water and land sports, is the perfect place to reignite your relationship with the Lord and explore His creation.

Not only will you create life-long friendships, but more importantly YOU will renew your adventurous spirit with God!

By the end of the trip you will have gained...

So what can you look forward to if you attend our five day/four night Recline At The Table retreat in Florida with other Christian travelers?

- Well, what if you made life long Christian friends who would be willing to adventure with you on YOUR next trip?

-What if, you discovered how to be attentive of God's presence in the busiest of times and in the simplest activities?

-What if, you joined us in large group & small group devotions to unpack the spiritual truths of resting with our Savior? 

-What if you kept a journal of your travels, that was full of God sightings and adventures that you were able to take home and share with your friends and family?​


- What if, you got to enjoy your own personal sanctuary that left you feeling refreshed and at peace, as you spent time with the Lord?

-And what if, you not only grew spiritually but also courageously as you tried your hand at different water & land sports among the company of new found friends?

Would THAT be a retreat worth attending?

Of course it would be!

Here's the thing: BEFORE you even set foot out the door, you can begin to make those powerful connections!

To ensure that you get the most out of this event, we will gather together twice before the event for virtual meetups where you will get to know the other participants and learn how to prepare for our trip together!

By the end of the five days the group will have become each others accountability, inspiration, and motivation to restore Christ into the center of your life and adventures.

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore God's creation in the proximity of other believers

We are in this together. Changing the conversation around travel to focus on God instead of fleeting affirmations from sources like social media - starts with YOU!

The Christ-centered vacation is here! Are you ready to be apart of it?

Recline At The Table - Sandpiper Bay Club Med
The Venue...

Sandpiper Bay Club Med skirts alongside the St. Lucie River and the Atlantic Ocean - stirring up images of palm trees, beaches, and warmth in the middle of November!

The resort is tucked away in lush vegetation and brags of white chocolate bread, gorgeous sunsets, unlimited watersports, an adult infinity pool, and energizing massages at their spa.

Every room in Sandpiper Bay is a Superior Family room with a sofa, mini fridge, twin vanity sinks, and a furnished balcony overlooking the bay.

You will fell like you are relaxing at a hidden gem....

And in true Club Med fashion you will have more land and water sport options than you could dream of!


The Delicacies...

Sandpiper Bay boasts of delicious gourmet restaurants with a wide range of international dishes to choose from. 

You won't have to worry about getting up early for breakfast or missing a late night snack as their restaurants are open at a wide range of hours - allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous views while savoring your favorite delectable


The Adventures...

Of course, no trip to Florida would be complete without a few water adventures. Our group will be doing some unique excursions in the area!

And don't worry - you will still have free days to do your own adventuring in the area - go see the Botanical Gardens, stroll through Kiplinger Nature Preserve and then meander across the Palm City Bridge, or simply lounge by the pool!


**I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing yet - depends on Club Meds Covid restrictions (I will update you as it gets closer)


But here are some things I have in mind:

  • Eco tour through the mangroves on jet skis/ a boat

  • Adventure tour to see the ocean, sandbars, and architecture near Stuart, Florida

  • Sunset Cruise

  • Learning to sail a catamaran by attending sailing school

  • Paddleboard & Kayaking

  • Flying on the trapeze

Recline At The Table - Kayaking in Florida
Recline At The Table - Florida Sunset

What's Included:

  • Five spectacular days of community building, devotions, and adventures

  • Four star accommodations double occupancy, Family Superior Rooms, Bay View

  • Four delectable dinners

  • Three savory lunches

  • Four delightful breakfasts

  • VIP welcome party with hors d'oeuvres

  • Group excursions - unfortunately, we can't tell you what they are right now, but we promise they'll be epic!

  • Professional fee to cover administration of the retreat, and professional fees for hosting of the event. 

What's Not-Included:

  • Round-trip airfaire or transportation from home to the resort

  • Transportation around the town on your free day

  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance

  • Any shopping, spa, taxis, laundry services, or other purchasable items

Travel Assistance:

If you would like additional help booking flights or transportation, or want to stay for an additional night - or three- please let reach out to us! We would love to be your personal travel consultants. You give us a call at 615.241.2151.


Meet the Host

About Sarah:

Sarah loves seeing the world and finds joy in exploring with others. She believes that traveling is a powerful way to understand God's vast love and majesty!


She has traveled to nine countries across three continents, and she knows how important community can be when you're traveling. God's presence is felt the most when stepping away from the comforts of home, and she's seen Him show up in some of the most unthinkable circumstances.

Sarah is excited to get to pour into you during this retreat as you discover God's many wonders and invest in your very own Christian travel community!

Recline At The Table Event Host