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Web Platform Update

We   Can't Wait To Launch

Our goal is to help Christians connect with like minded travelers, so that they feel connected and understood wherever your adventures take you.

That said, we felt very confident that this year we could put together a web platform that would be able to house your upcoming adventures, help you connect with other believers, and find worship services around the world! 

For whatever reason, our web designers have been lacking in their communication and slow in their production. Half way through the year we switched web designers - vetted the new ones - and felt confident that by early November - we would have a functional site. As of right now, their updated ETA is the start of 2023. (But, per experience, I take that with a grain of salt.)

This website is certainly is no small vision. So, it makes sense that it has hit roadblocks. 

That said - we want you to know - that you are not forgotten. That we understand your struggle to find that uplifting community - and that we are still working to get the solution into your hands. We thank you soooo much for your patience and prayers. Please continue to pray that whatever barriers are in the way - that the Lord may tear them down! 

We continue to slow down things until the grand unveiling. But know it's in preparation of what is yet to come. 


Christian Travelers' Network Team

P.S. As soon it is live - we will let you know via our social media and newsletter!

Image by Ümit Bulut
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