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Armenia: A Christian Pilgrimage to the Land of Ancient Faith

Updated: Mar 11

Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the diverse wonders of the world that the Lord has created . As we continue our podcast series of global explorations, today's destination is Armenia.

The Land of Armenia

If you don't know where Armenia is located, it is nestled in the Caucasus region, above Turkey and Iran. Armenia is slightly smaller than Maryland.

Boasting various biomes, from semi-desert to alpine meadows, it invites visitors year-round.

Biblical Ties and Historical Insights

Religious Landscape and Cultural Nuances

Armenia, as I mentioned before, has a different denominational belief that sprouted out in about the fifth century...Navigate Armenia's historical and religious dynamics. With 92 to 97% of Armenians adhering to the Armenian Apostolic Christian faith, understand the impact of past genocides and Soviet occupation on the church. Engage with locals, attend worship services, and foster a deeper understanding of faith.

Early Adoption of Christianity

Armenia is considered one of the first nations to have adopted Christianity in 301 AD. According to their belief, St. Thaddeus, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, visited Armenia in the first century. This early adoption of Christianity has played a pivotal role in shaping the nation's cultural and religious identity.

Theological Disputes and the Armenian Apostolic Church

Some of the ecumenical councils and theological decisions after the disciples' death, around 451 AD, led to disagreements. Despite these disputes, the Armenian Apostolic Church emerged, holding distinct religious beliefs while still recognizing Jesus as their savior. As Christians, these theological differences shouldn't deter us from exploring and understanding their denomination and interpretation of scripture.

Ties to Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden

Armenia has intriguing ties to Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden. InGenesis 8 verse 4, it mentions Noah's Ark landing on Mount Erra, situated in Armenia. There exists a church with a museum in Armenia claiming to house pieces or artifacts from Noah's Ark. Similarly, some Armenians believe that the Garden of Eden was located in their country, adding a unique dimension to the landscape.

While the exact location of these ties may be disputed and isn't crucial for our salvation, it adds an interesting layer to Armenia's cultural and historical tapestry. Despite the fall of the world into sin, these beautiful landscapes continue to attract tourists, showcasing God's wonders.

Pilgrimage Armenia's Historical Artifacts

Consider visiting the church with artifacts from Noah's Ark. While in Armenia, take the opportunity to explore the museum in the church that claims to possess pieces or artifacts from Noah's Ark. Delve into the history of Noah's Ark and gain a deeper understanding of its significance in the Armenian context.

Contemplating the Garden of Eden

Reflect on the ties between Armenia and the Garden of Eden. Explore the notion that Armenia might have connections to the Garden of Eden. While the geographical rearrangements after the Great Flood make pinpointing locations challenging, the belief adds a distinctive touch to Armenia's landscape.

Must-Visit Places

With that, I have a couple of different things I want to share with you...While in Armenia, immerse yourself in its beauty by visiting these extraordinary places:

  1. Lake Sevan: The Blue Pearl offering swimming, boating, and monastic exploration.

  2. Jakarta Monastery: A UNESCO World Heritage site with church and tombs carved into rock.

  3. Yerevan: The Pink City, Armenia's capital, boasting eighth-century architecture and the Republic Square.

  4. Kaur Verri: A monastery with breathtaking views of the Eroat Mountains.

  5. Amber Fortress: A fortress in the clouds, protecting against invaders in the Middle Ages.

Cultural Etiquette

Another unique thing about their culture is that many adults may live with their parents until they're married...Explore unique cultural practices in Armenia:

  • Affectionate Greetings: Handshakes, cheek kisses, and friends walking hand in hand.

  • Personal Space: Armenians may not require much personal space and may ask personal questions.

  • Hospitality: Invitations into homes, sharing meals, and providing a warm welcome to tourists.

  • Living Arrangements: Many adults live with parents until marriage, fostering close-knit family bonds.

  • Newborn Traditions: Newborns introduced only to immediate family for the first 40 days.

Embrace Armenia's Rich Tapestry

I've really enjoyed getting to pilgrimage Armenia with you...As you journey through Armenia, appreciate its historical, religious, and cultural richness. For a complete travel guide and resources, visit We're building a platform to help Christians easily meet up, find worship, and build like-minded community wherever your travels take you - whether it's backpacking through Europe, road tripping across America, or cruising the Bahamas. And we need your help to make this vision a reality!

Until next time, safe travels and God bless.

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