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Christian Travel Resolutions For Every Season


I am not someone who believes that New Year's should be the only time we set resolutions. After all, we are a short-sighted race - often forgetting the mistakes we have made or the mistakes of our ancestors. Just look at the Israelites, who frequently wandered from God and had to be turned back. Or the fact that most people forget their New Year resolutions by early February.

But that's why, as Christians, each day is a humbling experience. We must lay down our faults and failings and again strive for new things.

That said, I do like to use seasons of transition to help reestablish and refresh goals. And as such, it does seem fitting to discuss some topics for Christian travel resolutions in the new year.

woman praising God sunrise

Preparing for Resolutions Through Prayer

There may be certain resolutions that come to mind right away, but before you make these goals, take them to the Lord in prayer. God may help us rethink our perceptions of things or bring alternative themes to mind. Perhaps the immediate "weight management" goal should be rephrased as "honor God's temple by being active and worshiping daily." However, given our nature, that likely wouldn't be where our mind would initially go. Or He could have a different goal in mind that you hadn't considered.

Brainstorm Potential Resolutions

  1. Mind map: Create a visual web of all the things that are valuable in your life, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in aligning your resolutions with what matters most.

  2. Sticky notes: Categorize resolutions under key areas like financial, social, work, recreational, and spiritual.

  3. Ten-Year Vision: Envision where you want to be in a decade and work backward. What steps can you take now to shape your future in alignment with God's plan?


God made us very capable creatures, but we do have limitations. And every time we say yes to something we say no to something else. As such, it's important to discuss with God what is most important in the present season.

man reading Bible in windflowers

Christian Resolutions

Growing in our relationship with God is a daily endeavor that lasts our full lifetime. Unfortunately, many things can push Him to the side, so part of carving out time for Him is making Him part of your resolutions. Here are some ideas, but please take them to the Lord before jumping in. Also, adapt them to what fits you best.

  1. God dates: Commit to spending dedicated time each week journaling and engaging in dialogue with the Lord. Deepen your personal relationship with Him.

  2. Reading your Bible: God has made us all differently, so how we best get His word in different seasons varies from person to person and season to season. But trying different creative methods like podcasts, Bible journaling, interactive devotionals, etc. can be very helpful.

  3. Worshipping: Spending time with others at church, building not only church community, but also praising the maker.

  4. Small groups: Having a Bible study group focused on spending time in God's word is very important.

  5. Meditation: Take moments of stillness to listen for God's response. Scheduling time to listen to Him instead of just talking at Him, helps you be more perceptive of His leadings.

  6. Forgive: Our culture is quick to anger but calls us to forgive as He forgave us. Forgiveness is often an ongoing deal. Many days we may have to return to the Lord to ask for assistance to continue to forgive.

  7. Rest: While we may not longer practice Shabbat (though some Christians do), there are still lessons in this practice of laying down busyness to spend time at Jesus' feet.

  8. Remain flexible and open to God's leading. We plan, but the Lord's plans can looks so different than our own. So, we must remain willing to be flexible to His leading.

woman hiking along coastline

Travel Resolutions

  1. Get outside - God made beautiful seasons throughout the year. While we can often focus on the joys of traveling in summer, God has made beautiful landscapes and destinations to visit year-round!

  2. Express gratitude in every moment - God made it so our brain experiences a physical change when we are thankful. Rather than waiting to celebrate, celebrate the many joys along the way. Even when there are delays, cancellations, or plans just go awry. This gives glory to God in all things.

  3. Save for travels - being a steward of God's blessings means that sometimes going on the dream trip takes longer because you are wise with the blessing He has bestowed upon you in this season. Trust Him with His timing.

  4. Travel somewhere new - I do find joy in returning to the same place, but there is something magical about finding a new destination. It's incredible to find what God has hidden there.

  5. Pack less - the disciples traveled with only the clothes on their backs and a staff (Matt 10:10). It allowed them to see how God can do abundantly more than we expect with meager things. While you might not pack such basics, simplifying your packing list may help you rely on God.

  6. Step outside of your comfort zone - is there some type of travel that's outside of your comfort zone? Is it rooted in fears? Turn those fears to the Lord!

  7. Use less social media - social media can both create temptation pre-travel, as well as comparison - leading to a poisonous heart that questions why God isn't giving you the same blessings. And it can also be used to flaunt your adventures to the world. So observing your motivations and refraining from it at times, can be beneficial.

  8. Give your travel testimony - I encourage you to give your testimony! In all travels God has shown up in some incredible way. Could you take the time to tell the story with others when you come home?


At any time of year, we can seek God's guidance for our goals and resolutions. May your travels this year provide opportunities to grow in your relationship with Him and shine His light to others. What spiritual resolutions will you set this year?

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