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Discover the Rich Heritage of Benin: Insider Tips for Christian Explorers

Updated: Mar 11

Greetings, fellow travelers! Today's adventure takes us deep into the heart of Benin, a country teeming with rich heritage and unique cultural nuances. As Christian travelers, it's essential to peel back the layers of Benin's history, culture, and religious practices. Join me in this podcast episode on this alphabetical exploration of wonders that the Lord has created.

Locating Benin on the Map

Situated in Western Africa, Benin shares borders with Togo, Nigeria, Niger, and Niger. Roughly the size of Pennsylvania, Benin boasts diverse biomes, including savannas, forests, and wetlands. The ideal time to visit is between November and April, avoiding the rainy season from May to October. Understanding its geography sets the stage for a meaningful exploration.

Guided by God's Word

Before delving further, let's reflect on Leviticus 19:31:

"Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God."

This verse gains significance as we discover that Benin is the birthplace of voodoo, and it prompts us to ponder the tensions it creates for us as Christians.

Cultural Insights and Etiquette

In Benin, French is the primary language, but various indigenous languages echo its cultural diversity. Greetings involve handshakes and warm "bonjours," with a profound emphasis on respecting elders. Dressing modestly, especially near religious sites, is customary. Ask permission before taking photographs, and engage respectfully with traditional customs.

Understanding Benin's Religious Landscape

Benin's religious makeup comprises 48.5% Christians, 27.7% Muslims, 11.6% voodoo practitioners, 2.6% adherents of indigenous religious groups, 2.6% followers of other religions, and 5.8% with no religious affiliation. While the country supports religious freedom, it's vital to note legal restrictions against speaking out against state values.

Navigating the World of Voodoo

As the birthplace of voodoo, Benin provides a unique opportunity for conversation. Voodoo, distinct from its Haitian counterpart, involves a distant supreme creator god and spirits governing nature and human life. Ancestors' spirits play a significant role, and rituals include drumming, dances, prayer, and animal sacrifices. Engaging in respectful dialogue becomes essential, steering clear of participation but fostering understanding.

Explore Benin's Unique Sites

Beyond its religious and cultural dimensions, Benin offers captivating sites for exploration:

  1. Uida: Known for its history of the slave trade, Uida houses the Door of No Return, a poignant reminder of the past.

  2. Royal Palace of Abomey: An UNESCO-listed palace, offering insights into Benin's rich history.

  3. Pendjari National Park: A wildlife haven with diverse species, including elephants and lions.

  4. Ganvier: A lake village where inhabitants navigate in canoes, providing a unique cultural experience.

  5. Somba Country: Featuring distinctive mud houses and granaries in northern Benin.

Walking with the Lord in Benin

As you plan your journey, consider connecting with English worship services and carrying a travel journal to document God's moments. Engage with local communities by bringing Bibles to share with churches. Reflect on how your experiences in Benin can inspire greater compassion, responsibility, and courage in living out your faith upon returning home.

city in benin

Closing Prayer

Let's close with a prayer: Dear Lord, we lift up the people of Benin, asking for your spiritual protection and guidance. May those less educated, both spiritually and academically, receive your light and truth. Bless those considering travel to Benin, that they may shine your light in their adventures. In your name, we pray. Amen.


Christian travelers, I hope you've enjoyed this exploration of Benin. Share this episode with a friend, and help us build a platform to help Christians easily meet up, find worship, and build like-minded community wherever your travels take you - whether it's backpacking through Europe, road tripping across America, or cruising the Bahamas. And we need your help to make this vision a reality! Get early access today.

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