How Can We Respond To The Coronavirus

Many Christian, who enjoy traveling, are affected by the concerns surrounding the coronavirus. Many are wondering how it will impact their travels, whether or not it is just social media hype, and what the best ways to respond are. These are all valid questions and in response, the Christian Travelers' Network, would like to share some valuable insight.

The Coronavirus is currently considered a pandemic, a disease that is "prevalent throughout a country or the world." There is a lot of social media focusing on this topic and it is incredibly hard to discern what is truth and what is a panicked reaction. As travelers, we are forced to make decisions about whether we travel or not based on the potential of exposing others to the disease or catching it ourselves. The best way for you to decide how to respond is to be reading articles that you can trust.

My encouragement is to make your decisions based on information coming from your countries medical professionals and leading health organizations. In the United States, the Center of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has a page dedicated to all questions travelers may have about traveling or returning from a potentially infected area. As I am not a medical professional, I encourage you to take these resources seriously as we wait for more information about the true impacts of this disease.

As Christians, I want to remind you that while there are many unknowns surround things topic, there are several things that we do know:

-With God all things are possible, Matthew 19:26

-Nothing is too hard for God, Jeremiah 32:17

-God cares about our anxieties, 1 Peter 5:7

-He works all things for our good, Romans 8:28

-He created all things, Genesis 1

-He never leaves us, Deuteronomy 31:8

-He is our refuge, Psalm 46

-He comforts us that we may comfort others, 2 Cor. 1:3-4

While the world focuses on the unknowns, let us be a light in this world - pointing everyone's attention to the Creator who cares for us, who can do all things, who hears our prayers, and watches over us! Whether this virus is serious as social media makes it sound, or not, God is still in control and His peace & comfort need to be known!

As you reflect on this, I encourage you to be taking time to spend with God in His Word and to be in conversation with Him about your anxieties and anxieties of those around you. To help you get started with this - please join in our Lenten Series Bible Reading Challenges! (For more information, please tune in to some of our latest Lenten podcast episodes!)

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