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Positives of the Coronavirus

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

God is still working and that means that epic things are happening in response to the Coronavirus. Here are just a few:

1. God is closing church doors!

You may think that isn't a good thing, but modern society has taken on a consumerism attitude towards church. Many people come on Sunday mornings and then don't actively live out their faith the rest of the week. God is challenging us to be a light in the world and use the many tools that He has blessed us with to reach the lost. Rather than being in the comforts of our homes, work, schools, churches, and sporting events - we are being called to be in His presence and shine a light into the world in new and unique ways.

  • Some churches are offering a drive in worship service

  • A lot of churches are offering online worship services & digital bible studies through Zoom

2. Families are blessed with opportunities to spend time together.

As social isolation, school closings, work from away policies are being put into place - it is almost inevitable that families will be spending more time together. This is a critical time to be discussing God's role in this situation, creating lasting family memories, developing routines, and practicing healthy communication about anxiety. While this will certainly have it's challenges, taking on attitude of blessing will help your family get through the many unknowns.

How To Fill Your Day

Devotional Time

3. Intentional Conversations With Peers & Neighbors

Thanks to social distancing, we are going to be interacting with people less frequently. As Christians, we have the opportunity to take the time to reach out to those we normally interact with and offer words of encouragement. We also have the opportunity to message or call those who we haven't spoken to in a long time. Use this time as a chance to have intentional conversations!

4. Anxieties & fears are opening doors to shine His light.

Starting a conversation about God is always difficult, but we have a hope that no other group of people has in this world. In a time of uncertainty we can teach others about the hope we have thanks to our almighty Savior!

Calming Our Adult Fears

Talking To Students About Anxiety

5. Connections Across the Globe

Unlike other natural disaster where the impacts tend to be in a localized area, this virus is having impacts on people around the globe. Schools, businesses, and sporting events are being canceled. Out typical daily distractions from Him are being put to end so that we can spend time with Him, encourage each other, & use the tools He has blessed us with! Take advantage of this time to honor and pray for those affected across the globe. And to connect with us on social media!

To hear more about this topic, please listen to my latest episode "Positives of the Coronavirus."

And remember to be listening to your medical leaders for information about Covid-19. I interviewed Dr. Tim McFarland about the topic and he shared how it is similar & different from the flu, how doctors are responding & what statistics he has seen, the pros & cons of isolation, and how he has seen God's hand in it. Listen to Dr. Tim talk about Covid-19.

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