Should You Visit Israel With Tour Guides?

You have been wanting to visit Israel for a while - but you don't know who to travel with a group or on your own. That's okay, because we are going to be laying out some of the Pros and Cons of traveling with a tour group.

Tour Guide Pros / Solo Cons

Christian Education - When traveling with a Christian Tour Guide, they are more likely to talk about the sites that you are seeing from a Biblical perspective rather than a secular historical world view. This allows you to take the time to reflect on different pieces of Scripture as you walk where Jesus and the Disciples have walked and ask the guide questions as they come to mind.

If you are traveling solo this may be a piece that you miss out on, however it is possible to do a lot of personal study to gain understanding of each areas significance.

Christian Comradery - Traveling in a Christian tour group often means that you will be in a group of like-minded believers. That means that you can bond over this experience and continue to challenge each others faith lives long into the future.

If you are traveling solo, you are more likely to make connections with locals - but as Israel is predominately Jewish - you likely will miss out on the ongoing accountability of Christian friendships.

Safety - Local tour guides are well informed about the current tensions in different regions of Israel. Being a well fought over country, with varying religious beliefs, it is important to avoid some of those high tension areas. Tour guides can easily change your itinerary to accommodate these moments.

Going solo will require a bit more attentiveness or some form of "local chaperone" who can help you stay aware of these moments.

Solo Pros/ Tour Guide Cons

Set Your Own Pace - Traveling solo gives you more time to reflect on the personal significance of the sites you are visiting. You can ask questions of your faith journey while sitting by the Sea of Galilee or reflect on your own sins in the Upper Room.

If traveling with a tour group - the pace is set by the group. That said, many tour groups list what the pace is like on their website - anywhere from slow and relaxed to busy and packed.

Choose Your Itinerary

When you travel solo, you have more freedom to choose what you do and do not see. And in what order!

Traveling with a group means that the tour guide knows when things are or are not open to visit. Many places in Israel closed on Fridays and Saturdays in honor of Jewish Shabbat or Muslim worship. That said, you do have to look for itineraries that best meet your interests and needs.

If your looking for more ideas for where to visit in Israel, listen to or watch episode 156: Visiting the Holy Land with Steven Rogers.

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