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Christian Travel: Beyond Mission Trips - A Journey of Faith Everywhere You Go

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

A common misconception that people have about Christian Travel is that if we are going to travel for Christ we must go on a "mission trip." By mission trip they usually mean a one or two-week trip to a nearby community or to those across the globe, so they come share the Gospel, do a service project or two, and build relationships. That may be an over-generalization of what mission trips are, and they are certainly important and often very beneficial for both parties, but that is only one aspect of Christian Travel. Let's dive into the bigger picture.

What is a Christian Traveler?

Defining the Mission

First of all, what is a Christian Traveler? As Christians, we have been given a mission: to GO! But that mission also includes a purpose: to GO and share Christ. Wherever we travel on our daily lives, to the grocery store with our kids, to the business conference across the country, to our dream vacation across the globe, our mission still applies. Scripture repeatedly reminds us of that mission, and as travelers, we keep it at the forefront of our minds.

We have come to define a Christian traveler as: (noun) a person who travels through their community, across country, or around the Globe and shares Christ along the way.

How Do Christians Travel?

Traveling Beyond Vacations and Work

I want you to pause for a minute and think about your day. In fact, grab a piece of paper and write down every way in which you traveled today. Did you walk, drive, or take public transportation to work? Did you commute with a friend to lunch? Did you walk into your friend's office to grab a cup of coffee?

Expand your travel list to this past month. Did you jump on a plane to go see a relative? Did you take a train across the country?

Now think about the past six months. Did you take a cruise with your loved ones? Notice, your travel wasn't limited to vacations or to work. It isn't just "mission trips" or Christian retreats. It's anytime, anyway, and anywhere that you GO! The dictionary defines travel as a journey between two places or to move. As Christians, we can look at the places that we have gone and the places we are going and recognize that God is with us the whole way. That is why our life journey holds purpose, and that is what we get to share with others.

Bible on a Travelers Journey, Luggage, Map

Examples of Christian Travel

Lost in Europe

The concept of Christian Travel can seem cool but hard to grasp. That is why I wanted to share two short travel stories that may give you a better picture of what Christian Travel looks like.

Fear can become very consuming when traveling solo through a foreign country.

Fear can become very consuming when traveling solo through a foreign country. I went to Europe in 2017 by myself, and I came face to face with fear. I arrived without cell service, I was unfamiliar with public transportation, and I was using a screenshot of a map to get to my Airbnb in the middle of the night. I was nervous I would miss an exit on the tram and end up hopelessly lost. When I got off at the last stop my screenshot said "walk 10 minutes to your destination," but I had no idea how to get there. My picture didn't show me. I ended up showing my Airbnb address to a stranger who told me, "That's not an address, but that street is around the corner." When I got to that intersection I broke down in tears, lost, alone, and afraid. Praying that God would get me to safety. I walked through a dark park and turned around out of fear when I heard people laughing. I ended up in a hookah bar (so outside my comfort zone) where I got WiFi, messaged my Airbnb host, and she picked me up. At the end I could say that God got me through the start - He would get me safely through the rest of the trip. I shared that story countless times on that trip and continue to since I have returned home. While my fears made it hard to be aware of God in the midst of the struggle, looking back it is easy to see Him along the way.

Moving to Oregon

During college, I did a semester exchange where I moved from the Midwest to Portland, Oregon. I didn't know anyone at the school, had never visited it, and wasn't really sure what to expect. That semester was incredibly unique. It was like comparing cats and dogs - both soft companions but totally different personalities. The college back home took faith classes and accepted teachers' Lutheran lessons without question. Portland had a lot wider range of opinions, and suddenly I was left questioning: Why do I really believe what I believe? I had to defend my beliefs to my classmates, but textbook answers weren't going to work. That year was filled with a lot of spiritual growth and Christian community. Tensions between church denominations melted away to "I love Jesus, and so do you." We could worship together and hold slightly different understandings of Scripture, but yet be one. I explained to my friends how different these two communities were. I asked questions about their faith journeys. And when I returned home, I shared what I learned. My Christian Travel experience was stepping outside my comfort zone and learning with God along the way.

Christian Travel's Broader Perspective

No matter how or when you travel - it's important to build relationships so that you can share how God is journeying with you. That is why it is important to find a church community to worship with, wherever your adventures take you.

The Essence of Christian Travel

A Deeper Connection with God

The essence of Christian Travel is to establish a deeper connection with God through your journeys. Your travels become an opportunity to strengthen your faith and share your experiences with others.

Benefits of Christian Travel

Spiritual Growth and Self-Discovery

Christian Travel offers various benefits, including spiritual growth and deeper connections. It allows you to step outside your comfort zone, confront challenges, and experience a closer relationship with the Lord.

Strengthening Your Faith

Every journey undertaken as a Christian traveler strengthens your faith. It's an opportunity to witness God's presence in different places and situations, making your faith journey more profound.

Expanding Comfort Zones

Christian Travel encourages you to expand your comfort zones and embrace new experiences. It's a path to personal growth and a more profound understanding of your faith.

Embracing the Mission

Carrying the Message of Christ Everywhere

As a Christian traveler, your mission is to carry the message of Christ everywhere you go. Every interaction, every place you visit, becomes an opportunity to share your faith and make a positive impact.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

By embracing the mission of Christian Travel, you become a source of inspiration and hope to those you encounter. Your experiences can touch the lives of others and lead them closer to Christ.


In this comprehensive article, we've explored the concept of Christian Travel, debunked common misconceptions, and delved into the real meaning of being a Christian traveler. It's a journey that goes beyond traditional mission trips, encompassing every aspect of your life, from your daily routines to global adventures. The essence of Christian Travel is about strengthening your faith, expanding your horizons, and sharing the message of Christ wherever you go.

Christian Travel offers numerous benefits, from personal growth and self-discovery to deepening your faith and expanding your comfort zones. It's an opportunity to be a beacon of light and hope in a world that needs it.

So, as you embark on your travels, remember that you carry the mission of Christ with you. Your journey is a testament to His love, grace, and presence. Christian Travel is a lifelong journey of faith, and wherever you go, may God bless you, and may your travels be safe and inspiring.

Until next time, God bless and Safe Travels!

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