Your Testimony Matters

I just took a few moments to scroll through reddit, to see what sort of questions people were asking about travel & Christianity. I found a few posts - from 3+ years ago. So I narrowed my search to see what people were posting in regard to Christianity in the last week.

Almost everything I saw was trying to tear a Christian down. If an individual did something that was harmful in their eyes, and they knew they were of the faith, they made sure to make the title "Christian {insert occupation} does {insert mistake or harmful assumption}." The world is being inundated with messages that paint the Christian in poor lighting because of their values, choices, and attitudes.

While that may cause your heart to flutter and make you question why your testimony matters - it's because collectively we need to saturate the world back. No, not push a belief down their throats - but rather tell our stories. People can argue with our beliefs, our values, etc. But did you ever stop to realize that Jesus taught through stories? Stories are powerful - in fact there has been a lot of study around how stories impact our brain! People connect with stories because we all are writing our own narratives, where we are the main character. When we hear another story, we determine how it fits into our own story.

You may have a cliché upbringing and feel like your story is too simple to matter. It matters.

You may have a crazy upbringing and feel like people will judge you, so it's best to keep quiet. Your story matters.

You may feel like you haven't been a Christian for long, what could you say? A lot. It matters.

One of the places where I learned a lot about my story & the impact it can have on the world, was while I did a solo trip to Europe. There was time and time again where God got me to a destinations with 1% left of my battery. Without a map. Etc. And man, do I have testimonies to tell from that experience.

But God also used that experience for me to make connections with secular travelers & to share a Christian perspective. The thing we had in common - travel - allowed us to have conversations about my faith I normally felt uncomfortable about.

Traveling Christian

You don't have to travel internationally to share your testimony. In fact, you don't have to travel to see God show up in your own life. BUT for me I found it to be an amazing tool to grow my confidence in my own testimony. Or that my story mattered.

That's a large part of the reason why I started Christian Travelers' Network. To help others grow that confidence - to be witnesses around the world. To fight a negative perception of Christians, by revealing that we are just like so many other humans. We love to travel, we have hobbies, but we have something greater that gives us hope & a future. God.

Will you join me & share your testimony? Will you help us teach the world that Christians around the world aren't too be feared? (Maybe even share your story on Reddit!)

To learn more about giving a travel testimony & talking about God moments, listen to Episode 67: Giving Your Travel Testimony.

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