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Your Testimony Matters

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

As I took a few moments to scroll through Reddit, delving into questions about travel and Christianity, I couldn't help but notice a common thread. The majority of recent posts seemed to be attempts to tear down individuals who identified as Christians. If someone who professed the Christian faith made a mistake or held a harmful assumption, the post titles would invariably begin with "Christian {insert occupation} does {insert mistake or harmful assumption}." The online world is being inundated with messages that paint Christians in a negative light, often due to their values, choices, and attitudes.

The Power of Storytelling

Now, while it may be disheartening to witness such negativity and feel like your testimony doesn't matter, I want to emphasize that it does. In fact, collectively, we need to saturate the world with our stories—not to force our beliefs on others but to share our personal experiences. You see, people can argue with our beliefs, our values, and our doctrines, but there's something they cannot deny—the power of a story.

Stories possess incredible power.

They resonate with us because we're all authors of our own narratives, where we take center stage. When we encounter another person's story, we instinctively find connections between their journey and our own, shaping the chapters of our lives.

Jesus himself was a master storyteller. He taught through parables, recognizing the deep impact stories have on the human brain and heart. When we listen to a story, we engage our own narratives, identifying with the characters and circumstances. We begin to see how their story aligns with ours.

Your Story Matters

Your story may seem cliché or straightforward. You might feel that it's not profound enough to make a difference, but it does matter. Alternatively, your life experiences may be far from conventional, and you may be apprehensive about sharing them, fearing judgment. You may be a recent convert to Christianity, thinking that you haven't had enough time to accumulate significant experiences, but you're mistaken—your story already holds great value. I want to affirm that your story matters because it reflects God's story.

Personal Testimony in Travel

I've personally discovered the incredible impact of sharing my travel testimony through my solo travels in Europe. During these adventures, I found myself in situations where I had only 1% battery left on my phone, no GPS or maps, and a plethora of challenges to overcome. Through these experiences, I've accumulated an array of testimonies that I can share.

But the true beauty of these travels was the opportunity to connect with secular travelers and engage in meaningful conversations about my faith.

The common ground we had—our love for travel—served as a bridge, allowing me to speak openly about my Christian perspective, even in situations where I'd normally feel uncomfortable.

people shaking hands on top of a bridge made of book pages

Your Everyday Testimony

I want you to know that you don't need to embark on international adventures to share your testimony. God shows up in our lives every day, regardless of our location.

Yet, for me, travel was an incredible tool that bolstered my confidence in my own story. It served as a platform to prove that my experiences and faith indeed mattered.

Join the Community

This journey is one of the driving forces behind the creation of Christian Travelers' Network. I started this community to help others grow in their confidence and become witnesses around the world. Our aim is to challenge the negative perceptions of Christians by revealing that we are, at our core, much like other human beings. We have passions, hobbies, and dreams, but what sets us apart is our unwavering faith in God—a faith that fills us with hope and a sense of purpose.

So, I want to extend an invitation to you. Will you join me and share your testimony? Will you help us teach the world that Christians around the globe are not to be feared? Perhaps, you might even consider sharing your story. Your testimony holds the power to change hearts, inspire others, and reshape the narrative surrounding Christians. Your story matters, and it's time to let it shine.

To learn more about giving a travel testimony & talking about God moments, listen to Episode 67: Giving Your Travel Testimony.

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