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Are we there yet? Everyone asks this question from time to time, but how do we respond to it? We often fill the time with games and conversation, but what if those games led to stories about our faith and reflected our Creator? Download Road Trip Games: Faith Focused for hours of fun!

How do we recognize God in our travels? How do we talk about Him with others? This workbook will help you answer both of those questions by walking you through the process of recognizing and communicating the many wondrous works that God is doing – before – during – and after your trip– while also giving you the tools to effectively plan & execute your next trip.

You will learn how to budget, make travel decisions, keep track of your travel experiences, share your travel testimony, and more. No matter where you are at in your travels, we encourage you to jump in and recognize God’s handiwork!  

Download 5 Ways To Keep Christ At The Center of Your Travels

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