2021 Ultimate Travel Kit

Ultimate Christian Traveler Kit

The Ultimate Traveler Kit provides step by step instructions to make your next group event a faith-filled success!

Our travel theme this year is "Recline at the Table" based on the triclinium seating arrangements that Jesus would have experienced during that time. If you haven't heard of triclinium, that's okay. I hadn't heard of it either. Triclinium is three couches surrounding a main table that allowed people to recline close together in fellowship. There are many stories in the Bible that refer to Jesus reclining with sinners, tax collectors, Pharisees, and the disciples in this sort of setting.

To help you join us in focusing on that theme - we have put together an

Ultimate Travel Kit that will lead your group through fun faith filled

discussions with your large group, small group, and through personal

reflections. This kit can work around ANY travel itinerary.

Discover options that will make your 2021 travels more

memorable than ever! 

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The 2021 "Recline At The Table" Leader Kit Includes:

A Leader Guide: everything you need to publicize your trip, lead pre-trip meetings, and lead 10 daily devotionals on your trip.

Digital Resources: downloadable logos and pictures of your destination (if you book through Christian Travelers’ Network) to help create promotional materials

Activity Supplies: Items you need to lead engaging group building activities so that you don’t have to scramble for supplies. All items should easily make it through TSA!

Traveler Journal: Your own journal to document  your travel experiences and how you see God working through your group.

The 2021 "Recline At The Table" Individual Traveler Kit Includes:


Traveler Journal: A journal to document their travels, devotional prompts to help them explore how have seen God in their travels, along with note taking sections for large and small group discussions. 

Activity Supplies: Everything an individual travelers needs to participate in team building activities and devotions. 

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Effortless for Leaders

Pack the kit, review each lesson briefly the night before, and bring Christ into your adventures!

Engaging For Travelers

Build friendships in small groups and large groups, explore new cities, and grow closer to the Lord.

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Packed With Adventure

Experience any city or country with a plethora of itinerary options!

How It Works

A Day On Your Trip

Each day on your trip you will explore new destinations, learn more about reclining in God’s Presence, and build deeper relationships.

Large Group: Leaders gather everyone together daily for 30-45 minutes to do a group building activity and introduce that days lesson.

Small Group: Leaders assign people to groups not only to build relationships, but also so that they have a group to dive deeper into the daily devotion and discussion. Small groups work together to set aside time during meals or during free time so that they can get the most out of their faith growth during their trip.

Individual Time: Each traveler has a travel journal where they can document how they have seen God during their travels, some of the highlights and lowlights of their adventures, and reflect on what they have been learning.

Challenges: All Large Group, Small Group, and Individual Time comes with a challenge to help travelers apply what they are learning to themselves and to their travel experiences.

Travel: Each destination is based of the goals and dreams of your group. From cruises, to all inclusive resorts, to road trips to National Parks, and so much more!

Biblical Content

Explore Gods Word In Your Travels
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