Engage your group in faith discussions

while traveling

Make the most of your travel time. With the Ultimate Travel Kit, you'll help them connect with others, deepen their faith, and explore the wonders God created!

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Faith Discussion & Activity Guide

You want to be able to engage your group in faith discussions while on the road and team building activities when you're parked, but knowing where to start can be difficult. Keep your group's faith discussion engaging, relevant, and actionable with the Ultimate Travel Kit.

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Works Around Any Itinerary

Taking your ministry on a rejuvenating retreat in the Bahamas? Going on a mission trip to Cambodia? Spending a weekend at your local camp? No matter where you go and what you do - this kit works around your adventures!

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Take It On The Road

Got a long packing list with supplies for your group, yourself, your devotions, and your activities? The Ultimate Travel Kit can fit into your carry-on making your packing list shorter and your time freer, so you can focus on the relationships that truly matter!

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The "Recline At The Table" Leader Kit Includes:

A Leader Guide: a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource that provides everything you need to plan, promote, lead a faith-based travel discussions.  Included in this helpful guide is everything you need to publicize your upcoming trip, lead pre-trip meetings & devotions with prospective participants, and the curriculum for up to 10 travel days of devotions.

Digital Resources: (1) downloadable logos and pictures of your destination (if you book through CTN) to help create promotional materials; (2) fundraising ideas; (3) an editable team covenant; (4) an editable packing list.

Activity Supplies: We know that group building activities are challenging to plan and execute when you are on the road and lacking supplies. That's why our kits include everything you need so you aren't left scrambling for materials- and it can even go through TSA! (Forgiveness shades, two big mistakes erasers, two compasses, a sin box, and a Recline at the Table pen)

Traveler Journal: Your journal is full of blank pages to record your experiences, prompts to reflect on large group & small group discussions, and reflect on how God is moving in your journey!

The "Recline At The Table" Individual Traveler Kit Includes:


Traveler Journal: Their travel journal is a great place for them to document their travels, respond to daily devotional prompts, follow along during large & small group discussions, and create their travel testimony!

Activity Supplies: Everything an individual travelers needs to participate in team building activities and devotions. (Hot lava square, Recline At the Table Pen, blank sin cards, confessional cards, It Weighs Too Much stickers, and four banquet clothespins.)

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How It Works

A Day On Your Trip

Each day on your trip you will explore new destinations, learn more about reclining in God’s Presence, and build deeper relationships.

Large Group: Leaders gather everyone together daily for 30-45 minutes to do a group building activity and introduce that days lesson.

Small Group: Leaders assign people to groups not only to build relationships, but also so that they have a group to dive deeper into the daily devotion and discussion. Small groups work together to set aside time during meals or during free time so that they can get the most out of their faith growth during their trip.

Individual Time: Each traveler has a travel journal where they can document how they have seen God during their travels, some of the highlights and lowlights of their adventures, and reflect on what they have been learning.

Challenges: All Large Group, Small Group, and Individual Time comes with a challenge to help travelers apply what they are learning to themselves and to their travel experiences.

Travel: Each destination is based of the goals and dreams of your group. From cruises, to all inclusive resorts, to road trips to National Parks, and so much more!

Biblical Content

Explore Gods Word In Your Travels


This unique kit is focuses on times when Jesus "Reclined At The Table With Sinners" and explores what it means to recline with Jesus in our daily lives.  The 10 devotions can be mixed and matched with different days of your trip.

Below you will find the theme for each day of the trip along with key objectives, important Biblical knowledge for the leader, and the team building activity for each day. For a more detailed look at these devotions and discussion prompts, please check out our leader guide.


Your Group Is Ready To Travel

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*Similar to a VBS Kit, you must purchase one Leader Kit in addition to an Traveler Kit for each individual attending your trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is included in this kit?

Because each group has a different number of people and therefore a different need for supplies, we have broken the kit into two parts: The Leader Kit & Traveler Kit. The Leader Kit includes the Leader Guide (Pre-Trip Planning, Team Building, 10 Days of Travel Devotional Curriculum, etc.), a Travel Journal, a Recline at the Table Pen, Forgiveness Shades, two Compasses, two Big Mistakes Erasers, and a sin box. Each Traveler Kit contains all the supplies needed for one traveler to participate in the devotions and Large Group activities: a Travel Journal, a Recline at the Table Pen, a hot lava square, blank sin cards, confessional cards, It Weighs Too Much stickers, and four banquet clothespins.

2. Do I need to order the Leader Kit & Traveler Kits together?

Yes. To be able to effectively lead these activities each participant will need a Traveler Kit and you will need a Leader Kit. (Think of it like Vacation Bible School - for everyone to participate in the devotion, you need supplies for each person and curriculum instructions for the leader!) When you order the Leader & Traveler Kits they will come in one box that you can easily pack and take along with you. 

3. I'm afraid of my participants loosing the supplies - do I need to give them everything in the Traveler Kit?

We encourage you to trust them with the journal and the pens, but keep the rest of the supplies in your kit. Some of the Large Group activities will require you to use materials from the Travelers Kit when you set up ahead of time. 

4. What are the devotional topics?​

The devotional topics are broken into three sections for each day: Large Group - introducing the topic, Small Group - discussing application to themselves & their travels, and Individual Reflections - journaling about how they have seen God in their journey.

  • Pre-Trip Meeting 1: Disciples Prepare for The Last Supper - Preparing for the trip (Mark 14)

  • Pre- Trip Meeting 2: Disciples Argue Who is the Greatest - How to treat our team on this trip (Luke 22)

  • Day 1 through 10 of the trip can be viewed in the Biblical Content section

5. I have some more questions, who do I contact?

If you have questions or are ready to order - please feel free to reach out to us by phone (615) 241-2151 or email us at christiantravelersnetwork @ gmail.com!