2021 Ultimate Travel Kit

Unboxing Reveal

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January 5th at 7:30 PM Central Time

What you can expect:

- A devotional time

- Learn how Christian Travelers' Network is doing to support college ministries and how we can support YOU!

- Learn what's included in the  2021 Ultimate Travel Kit and how you can use it in your ministry

- Everyone who attends will get an Christian Travel Planner ebook that helps you recognize God's role in your travels from pre-trip to post-trip, but one lucky winner will get a paperback version.

Thank you for supporting ministries nation wide. 

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A Day On Your Trip

Each day on your trip you will explore new destinations and build deeper relationships. This travel kit will work around your itinerary to offer you large group devotionals, small group discussion, individual reflection time, and faith focused challenges.

Register for the webinar:

Plan your next college ministry trip with the Ultimate Traveler Kit!

Discover options that will make your group's 2021 travels (and beyond) more memorable than ever!

The Ultimate Traveler Kit provides step by steps instructions and supplies to make your next group adventure a faith-filled success.

Starter Kit Includes:
  • A Leader Guide 

  • Digital Resources

  • 10 Days of Devotional

  • All of the Activity/Devotional Supplies (TSA safe)

  • Writing Utensils

Traveler Kit Includes:
  • Traveler Journal

  • Individual Activity/Devotional Supplies

  • Writing Utensils

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