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Boldly Going: Spreading God's Love through Your Travel Testimony

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Sharing your faith can be an intimidating prospect, but it doesn't have to be. Incorporating God into your travel story can be a simple yet powerful way to spread the message of Christ. Whether you are embarking on a Christian mission trip, a vacation, or a business journey, you can take the Gospel with you and witness for Christ. In this article, we will explore the importance of sharing Jesus through travel, offer guidance on how to do it effectively, and provide practical tips for crafting and sharing your travel testimony.

Why Do We Take the Gospel with Us When We Travel?

A commission from God is a divine sending, and the Bible frequently emphasizes this. One of the most significant commissions is found in Matthew 28:18-20, when Jesus ascended into heaven. He commanded His followers,

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

This commission reminds us that our travel should not be aimless but purposeful. When we travel as Christians, we are called to take God with us and share His message. The Gospel is not meant to be confined within church walls; it's meant to be carried to the ends of the earth.

traveler sharing their faith while traveling

How Do We Take the Gospel with Us When We Travel?

Taking the Gospel with you while traveling can take various forms, depending on your circumstances. Let's learn from Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman (John 4:1-43) and identify key principles:

1. Build Relationships

Jesus went and sat at the well, knowing that she would come to draw water. He took time to be with her. Just as we are called upon to take time to be with others. Our society often pushes us to do a lot. Climb the ladder at work, see as much as you can on your road trip, visit as many countries as possible. But God doesn't call us human doings. He calls us human beings. We are supposed to "be" with people and "be" with God.

2. Cross Societal Barriers

This woman was disgraced by society. Thus she went to draw water from the well at an hour when no other women would be there. On top of that she was a Samaritan, a group looked down upon by the Jews, which Jesus was a Jew. The disciples were shocked to find Jesus talking to her, but he didn't hesitate to cross cultural and societal barriers to be a friend. That co-worker that everyone gossips about? That community that everyone has labeled "bad"? That country filled with wars and anger? God called you to cross those barriers and spend time with those people.

3. Listen

It can be rather tempting to push our agenda on others, but Christ listened. He let her tell her story - even though it wasn't a perfect one. He listened to her hearts struggle. We can learn a lot by just sitting and listening. Our first response when silence happens doesn't have to be "Oh, I can relate.... my story is..." or giving advice. It can just be to sit there in the silence and let them continue to tell their stories.

4. Respond With the Gospel in a Non-Threatening Way

Christ offered her living water, life eternal, instead of just water that our earthly bodies need. He talked of the miraculous gifts of heaven. And He did it with love. That co-worker who is struggling at home? That community that lost a company that once supported their families? That country where chaos has cost so many people their lives? We are to listen and see where God is working in their lives and point it out to them. Their glasses may be tinted and they just need some help uncovering God's handiwork. And when they ask about us - where we are going and why - we have the opportunity to share our travel stories through the perspective that knows Christ is our Savior. It's our travel testimony.

How Do I Share My Travel Testimony?

Sharing your travel testimony can take different forms depending on where you are in your journey. Consider the following questions when sharing your faith during different phases of your travels.

Before You Leave For A Trip

  • Why is God calling you to go? Share your purpose and mission.

  • What are you planning to accomplish there for the Lord? Explain your intentions.

  • What is your biggest fear, and how are you handing it to God? Open up about your anxieties and reliance on God.

  • How can people pray for your journey? Invite others to support you in prayer.

While Traveling

  • What do you believe is God's reasoning for bringing you here? Reflect on God's purpose in your current location.

  • What events remind you of God's presence on your trip? Share experiences that highlight God's involvement.

  • What was your biggest fear in coming, and how has God provided thus far? Share your journey of faith.

  • What has been the greatest joy on the trip so far, and how do you see God in that? Celebrate moments of joy and gratitude.

  • When you return home, what will you tell family and friends was the biggest God moment? Summarize your spiritual highlights.

  • How can they pray for you as you continue your journey? Request continued support through prayer.

  • How can you pray for and support those you come in contact with? Show concern for the people you encounter.

Returning Home

  • What was the highlight of your trip, and how did you see God in that? Share the most significant moments and their spiritual significance.

  • What was the hardest or saddest part of your trip, and how did God comfort or help you through? Discuss challenges and God's role in overcoming them.

  • What was your biggest fear in traveling, and how did God provide along the way? Reflect on God's provision.

  • What are some memorable photos you will share, and how can you point out Christ in those stories? Use visuals to enhance your testimony.

  • What are some important events that reminded you of God during your trip? Recall events that strengthened your faith.

  • How can they pray for and support the people you encountered on your trip? Encourage others to pray for those you met.

Sharing Your Life Journey

As people inquire about your life, faith, and experiences, be prepared with a concise two-minute life story that includes your relationship with God. Address how your faith has evolved and guided your journey. Your testimony doesn't need to be lengthy; the Holy Spirit will guide the conversation as needed.

  • If you made a timeline of significant events in your life, including your relationship with God, what would you include? Highlight key moments in your journey.

  • What are some significant life and faith lessons that you've learned? Share important lessons from your experiences.

  • What has been the biggest challenge you have faced, and how has God walked with you? Discuss your struggles and God's support.

  • Where is your life going now, and how does being a child of God define that? Explain your current path and faith's role in it.

  • What are you currently praying for in your life? Share your current prayers and hopes.

  • What does your worship and Bible study life look like, and what would you like it to look like? Discuss your spiritual practices and aspirations.

Giving your travel testimony doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as recognizing God in the ordinary stories of life. By sharing your faith through travel, you can inspire others and fulfill Christ's commission. May this guide inspire you to boldly go, and may your travels be blessed with opportunities to spread God's love. Safe travels!

Sharing your Christian travel testimonial, witnessing on vacation, and using travel to share the gospel are powerful ways to fulfill your mission as a disciple of Christ. Your journey can be a testimony to God's love and presence in your life. Whether you're on a Christian mission trip, a family vacation, or a business excursion, take the opportunity to share your faith, build relationships, and cross societal barriers. By listening, responding with love, and sharing your travel testimony, you can inspire others and bring them closer to Christ. Safe travels, and may your journey be a testament to God's boundless love.

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