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MicroAdventures During Covid-19

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Feeling like travel has been taken away during this time of self-isolating? A good friend of the Christian Travelers Network, Peter Grier, shared in a recent episode, some ways that we can be MicroAdventuring during Covid-19. He introduced the concept of micro-adventures and explains how he has seen this in action in Ireland! We encourage you to check out Peter's 30 Microadventures For April, along with some of our additional ideas.

Alastair Humphreys defines Micro-Adventures as: an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.

1. Treasure hunt for plants & animals in your local area

2. Camp out in your yard

3. Photograph changes in your yard

4. Learn how to tie different types of knots

5. Visit a place in your local area you've never been

6. Train to hike to longest trail in your area

7. Go fishing

8. Go on a picnic

9. Stargaze

10. Toss a coin (heads left & tails right) where do you end up?

11. Plan a challenging route & train to bike it

12. Cook a meal over a campfire

13. Go geocaching

14. Call a national park & ask about upcoming (meteor showers, blue moon, etc)

15. Spend a whole day outside with only what you put in your backpack

Here are some ways you can challenge yourself to involve God in your Micro-Adventures.

1. Read His Word

2. Invite a family or friend member along & talk about your faith

3. Journal about the blessings God gives us

4. Draw what you see and explain how it reminds you of God

5. Post pictures from your trip and comment how God is evident in your life right now

6. Reflect on a favorite verse

7. Converse with God/pray

8. Sing praises

9. Listen to a devotion/Scripture

10. Leave rocks with Bible verses on the path

11. Write a poem/song about our Savior

12. Apologize and ask for forgiveness

13. Memorize a Bible verse

14. Ask God to guide your journey

15. Be still

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