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  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags
  • Recline At The Table: Participant Bags

Recline At The Table: Participant Bags

$19.00 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price

As a devoted group leader, your love of travel extends far beyond simply visiting new places. You imagine excursions that bring people together and deepen their connection with the Lord. If you're looking for a method to incorporate a Christ-centered perspective into your group travels in a fun and interactive way, look no further - the "Recline At The Table" Traveler Bags and the companion Leader Kit*  is the solution you've been looking for.


We understand the difficulties of organizing bustling group excursions and satisfying individual travel aspirations while retaining a strong faith-based emphasis. That's why we created a one-of-a-kind tool to turn your Christian group vacation into a fascinating and spiritually enlightening journey.


  • Experience the Wisdom of Triclinium on an Individual Level: Inspired by the ancient concept of the triclinium, where Jesus met to recline and enjoy meals, we welcome you to use this as a passport to meaningful, faith-filled experiences on your travels with your Christian group, family, or friends. The one-of-a-kind Traveler Participant Bags, in conjunction with the Recline at the Table Kit* are intended to let you connect with God and one another while drawing similarities to times when Jesus reclined with others while traveling.
  • Engage in Dynamic Bible Studies: This bag acts as a catalyst for travelers to connect with the interactive Bible lessons and activities in the Recline At The Table Leader Kit*. These tools are intended to broaden travelers' awareness of what it means to recline with Jesus on their journeys, and set the stage for enriching discussions and team-building exercises. A Travel Journal, Recline at the Table Pen, hot lava square, blank sin cards, confessional cards, It Weighs Too Much stickers, and four banquet clothespins are included in each bag.
  • Guidance for Spiritual Growth: Personal notebooks are included in each Traveler Participant Bag. These notebooks include discussion questions for each Bible lesson and a section for participants to record their thoughts, prayers, and God- moments throughout the journey. Observe how your group members' faith grows and their grasp of what it means to recline with Jesus in the busyness of life and travel, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Strengthened Connections: As a group leader, it is your responsibility to develop a sense of togetherness and belonging for your group. The Participant Traveler Bag improves your ability to do so. Your trip members will bond through shared experiences and faith-based dialogues, developing connections that will last beyond your adventures!
  • Convenience and Customization: Participant Bags are purchased separately from the Leader Kit*, allowing you to tailor your experience to the size and needs of your group. Each Participant Bag includes ample materials for an individual to engage in group activities, ensuring that everyone can actively participate.
  • Leave a Lasting Impact on Travelers: As a group leader, you want to make a difference in the lives of your travelers. The Participant Traveler Bag enhances your capacity to reach this aim, whether on a family vacation, a trip with your church group, or a reunion with friends. It adds a spiritual depth to your experience, making your time together not just unforgettable but also deeply meaningful. (NOTE: While the intended audience for this kit is young professionals/adults, the material is adaptable to anybody in middle school and beyond.)
  • Elevate Your Travel Experience: Don't settle for ordinary vacations. Elevate your travel experience with the Recline at the Table Participant Bags and embark on a faith-filled journey that will leave your group's relationship with God enriched and more connected with your fellow travelers.


Order a bag for each of your participants today and get ready to Recline At The Table, where you'll find inspiration, reflection, and communion while exploring the world with your Christian friends.


Participant Bag Supply List:

  • A Travel Journal (Small Group Discussion Questions, Individual Reflection Prompts, Travel Journaling Space, Travel Testimonies, etc.) (Preview the Travel Journal)
  • A Recline at the Table Pen,
  • A hot lava square
  • Blank sin cards
  • A confessional cards
  • It Weighs Too Much stickers
  • Four banquet clothespins


*The Participant Traveler Bag is tailored specifically for individual participants and does not include all of the tools found in the Recline at the Table Leader Kit. The Leader Kit is a comprehensive package designed to assist group leaders in facilitating Bible studies and organizing group activities and includes The Leader Guide (Pre-Trip Planning, Team Building, Devotional Curriculum for 10 Days of Travel, etc.), a Travel Journal,  Recline at the Table Pen, Forgiveness Shades, Two Compasses, Two Big Mistakes Erasers, and a sin box. We respectfully ask that you order the following items to guarantee that each member of your group is completely prepared for this transforming experience: one participant traveler bag for each participant (excluding the leader) and one leader kit for the group leader.

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