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Discover Worship Services on Your Next Cruise Adventure

Connect with a Christian Network At Sea

Are you dreaming of cruising the high seas,

but feeling adrift when it comes to worship on vacation?

Discover cruise lines that provide regular worship services, allowing you to strengthen your relationship with God while on board.

Christian Travelers' Network understands the desire to travel, while growing your relationship with God and connecting with other believers. That is why we designed an online platform to help travelers connect, find worship services, and share God-moments, wherever their journey leads. We have found English-speaking worship services on cruise lines, in airports, and in numerous countries around the world. For Christians passionate about cruising, we've assembled this free directory to help you worship and connect with the Christian network while adventuring at sea.

Find Christian Connections in 3 Easy Steps!




Weigh Anchor

Begin your journey by supplying your contact information.

Full Steam Ahead

Click the submit button, and the directory will be delivered to your inbox.

Treasure Unveiled

Download a treasure map of Christian worship opportunities, both on cruise lines and around the world!

Whether you're a seasoned sailor traveling with a Christian travel group or casting off on your maiden voyage, we are here to help you find Christian connection - wherever your adventures take you!

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