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Discover Christian Worship In The Holy Land

Connect with local believers at English Speaking Worship Services

Are you worried about settling for a typical tourist experience while visiting the Holy Land?

Easily locate English-speaking congregations in Israel, so you can worship with local Christians and deepen your faith in a profound way. Imagine yourself in prayer and worship where Jesus once trod, surrounded by like-minded believers. This will elevate your time in Israel from a standard tourist experience; into is a profound God-moment.

Christian Travelers' Network understands the desire to travel, while growing your relationship with God and connecting with other believers. That is why we designed an online platform to help travelers connect, find worship services, and share God-moments, wherever their journey leads. We have found English-speaking worship services in Israel, on cruise lines, in airports, and in numerous countries around the world. For Christians considering a trip to Israel, we've assembled this free directory of English speaking worship services in Israel, to help you connect with the local Christian network!

Discover Christian Congregations in Israel in 3 Easy Steps




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Whether you're visiting the Holy Lands with a Christian travel group or adventuring solo, we are here to help you find Christian connection - wherever your adventures take you!

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