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Finding Your Tribe: A Behind The Scenes Look At Christian Travelers Network Platform Features

Updated: Feb 5

Traveling can be a joyful experience, but it isn't without challenges. And one of those - is finding like-minded travelers who share your values. Many people travel as a way to drown out life, but as Christian it is an opportunity to grow closer to God and celebrate His handiwork.

That's why we created an online platform to make it easier to connect with believers on your adventures.

"It's like Bumble, but for finding Christian friends to travel with or go to events with." - Kenzie

So, let's take a look behind the scenes at the features available to you.

*Please note - these visuals aren't actual representations of trips or individuals to protect member privacy.

Platform Features on Christian Travelers Network

Make Meaningful Connections on Member-Led Trips

Trips are a great way for members of our network to share their upcoming travel plans and extend warm invitations to fellow believers who want to join them on their adventures. These are not typical scheduled tours, but rather opportunities for believers to gather and go on faith-based vacations with others.

Groups benefit from inviting other believers to join them on their journeys, connecting with like-minded Christians as they check off places on their bucket lists, sharing God-moments in their adventures, gathering for impromptu Bible studies and discussions, and some even complete service projects! Unlike short-term mission trips, which focus on witnessing in a single location, this sort of group travel allows you to be a witness wherever you go while also receiving support from your Christian travel network in our platform features.

If you find a trip that you are interested in you can bookmark it until you are ready to request attending - or message the host to ask more details!

Alternatively, if you are planning an adventure you can create a trip and approve pending members based on predetermined factors you assigned (ie. A women's trip, retired, mens trips, or all young professionals!)

Either way, make sure to use the chat feature on the profile to message privately those going on the trip and plan details for your itinerary.

Share Your Travel Hobbies In Communities

Communities on our platform are vibrant hubs where you can connect with fellow Christian travelers who share your passion for exploration and adventure. Whether your heart leaps at the thought of camping beneath the stars, capturing breathtaking moments through photography, embarking on RV road trips, setting sail on cruises, savoring culinary delights as a foodie enthusiast, or any other travel-related pursuit, we are dedicated to helping you establish meaningful connections and delve into how you perceive God's presence and influence in your travel experiences.

Our communities offer a diverse range of events and discussions geared to your specific interests. Some groups may organize frequent camping trips to foster camaraderie under the open sky. Others gather in virtual settings to dig into Bible studies, strengthening their faith while exploring the Word from different travel perspectives. Nomads enjoy sharing a plethora of tips and insights for nomadic life, from finding the best co-working places to embracing a Christ-centered perspective in all aspects of your travels.

Use the search bar feature to explore available communities and request to become a member. Alternatively, create your own community based on a specific travel hobby and the Lord. Leaders can approve pending members and all members can message the group about upcoming events on the page.

Find Friends and Connect In Chat

Friend Feature Christian Travelers Network

Forming bonds with like-minded believers is central to our platform's mission of facilitating meaningful Christian connections. Our intuitive friending tools make it easy to connect one-on-one with members who share your passion for travel and faith.

Search by individual interests, favorite Bible passages, past trips, dream destinations, and more to make impactful connections. Send friend requests to those whose spirit resonates, then use our integrated chat feature to continue getting to know each other. Don't forget to share trips and communities with them, so they can join your adventures!

Express Your Travel and Faith Story In Your Profile

Your profile is a special place to creatively share your God-given personality and passions with the network. List past adventures, behind-the-scenes travel habits, and destinations still calling you in your biography. Add your profile and past trip photos so that others can get to know more about you and your adventures!

Open up about your vocation, travel style, and the biblical truths that guide you. Describe a God-moment during your explorations that left a lasting impact. Choose a favorite Bible passage to display and live out through your interactions.

Our profiles allow you to represent your distinctive faith and travel story, and what God is calling you to within your travels.

Access Member Only Faith and Travel Resources

In addition to facilitating rich connections, our platform aims to enhance your travels with an expanding library of member-exclusive resources. Access our directory of English-speaking worship services around the world, taking the stress out of finding a worship service while abroad.

Discover destination itineraries for numerous countries, from a Christian perspective. Download inspiring devotionals to help you reflect on your adventures.

Stay tuned as we continuously add resources to deepen your cultural understanding, engage your sense of adventure, and strengthen your relationship with the Lord. With these faith-focused travel resources at your fingertips, you'll be prepared for any adventure!

Experience The Power of Global Community For Only $15 A Year

Christian Travelers Network Pricing

Organized Christian tours often limit one's travel flexibility and are associated with high cots. Our platform offers the best of both worlds - facilitating meaningful faith-based travel experiences while letting you take the reins.

For just $15 a year, join our passionate network of believers across the globe. Craft your trips around your schedule and budget. Hop into member-led adventures that fit your style. Join niche communities tailored to your interests. Chat 1-on-1 with like minded believers. And expand your perspectives using our ever-growing travel resources.

The price makes building bonds with fellow Christian wanderers accessible to all budgets. And by managing your adventures, you control the where, when, who, and how. Experience the power of the global Christian community and explore for less. God's destinations are endless when unity and faith lead the way.

Join the Network Today!

Overcome the biggest challenge of travel: finding like-minded community, by joining the network today. We can't wait for you to be a part of our global network of Christian Travelers.

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