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Updated: Mar 11

When it comes to travel, many of us have heard about the Lord in mission trips, but what about our other adventures? Amazing miracles are happening every day when we go backpacking, hiking, to the grocery store, in airports, on buses, etc. To help you grow in your understanding of the Lord and exploration of His creation - we have put together a list of several Christian travel podcasts. We hope that these will be an inspiration for you and encourage you in your faith walk.

Christian Travel Podcasts

Image of Pod Mic with Travel and Christ Symbols

Anthem of the Adventurer

Took a break in summer of 2023.

Key topics covered: fostering an adventurous spirit

Summary: This podcast helps individuals overcome the things holding them back from pursuing a life full of adventure. Dan Zehner interviews countless people, challenging you and your family to casual, critical, and crucial adventures.

Anthem of the Adventurer Podcast helps you move into an area where you live less guarded and trust the Lord with the full scheme of your life - and your adventures!

Camp Vibes Podcast

Took a break in summer of 2020.

Key topics: Camp Ministry

Summary: If you are involved in camp ministry or have served at a camp in the past, this podcast helps you explore how God is at work in camps across the country.

Tune into Camp Vibes Podcast and celebrate camp ministry!

The Catholic Traveler Podcast

Took a break Fall of 2021.

Key topics: Christian Pilgrimages

Summary: Mountain Butorac and Joannie Watson explore Catholic beliefs, Christian Pilgrimages throughout Europe, and the Bible.

If you are looking for some hiking inspiration or want to trace the footsteps of the original apostles - the Catholic Traveler Podcast is for you.

Christian Hunters of America

Active podcast.

Key topics: Jesus and Hunting

Summary: Interviews with people about all things hunting and Jesus! For those who love to hunt, be outdoors, and grow in their faith - tune in to Christian Hunters of America!

Christian Outdoor Podcast

Active podcast.

Key Topics: Enjoying God in the great outdoors.

Summary: Pete Rogers, an ordained minister and avid outdoor communicator, takes believers into the outdoors. He covers topics like hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping, while also integrating the theme of enjoying God every day.

The Christian Outdoor Podcast, helps believers see God in the great outdoors in ways that mainstream media doesn't normally discuss.

Christian Travelers Network

christian travelers network podcast logo

Active podcast.

Key Topics: Global Travel Itineraries, God, and Networking

Summary: This podcast explores destinations around the world from a Biblical focus. They explore how God’s fingerprints are evident in all of our adventures - not just mission trips.

If you have a heart for travel and the Lord, then tune in to the Christian Travelers Network podcast.

The Land and The Book

Active podcast.

Key Topics: Biblical Perspective on Middle East

Summary: Pastor Dr. Charlie Dyer explores the Middle East through a Biblical perspective. If you are thinking about traveling to the Middle East or the Holy Lands - and want to have a better understanding of God's truths, this podcast is a great place to start!

Lead. Travel. Pray.

Took a break in Spring 2020.

Key Topics: Leadership, Travel, Prayer

Summary: Three co-workers share stories of their faith and adventure with listeners. Their shared passion for the Lord and travel have brought them closer together and they are eager to connect with others who share those passions. Listen to their podcasts: Lead.Travel.Pray.

My Valley, His Victory

Active podcast.

Key topics: God and the outdoors

Summary: Kenzie Smith takes listeners to vulnerable moments with her podcast guests, exploring the beauty of God's creation and His work in our lives. She offers encouragement for believers as they live out their faith.

This is a fantastic podcast if you are needing some encouragement as you walk through a valley in your own life story.

Nomads You and I

Active Podcast.

Key topics: Nomadic Lifestyle and the Lord

Summary: Follow a nomadic couple in their airstream as they explore Scripture and the world. They share lessons learned in this world's most amazing classroom - God’s people and all creation!

If you are dreaming of a nomadic life and want to grow in your understanding of the Lord, listen to Nomads You and I.

Telos Adventure

Coming Soon.

Key topics: TBD

Summary: While I was unable to find a full summary of what their podcast will cover - I do know that Joshua is an adventurepenuer, bringing the hope of Christ into his adventures. Their website stated: "Following Jesus is the greatest adventure that exists... so how come our experience tells us otherwise?"

Follow their podcast here.

Travel With Rick Steves

Active Podcast.

Key topics: Travel, People, Culture

Summary: Christian, Rick Steves, is a travel expert sharing a weekly one-hour episode about different destinations around the world. Sharing his own travel experiences, he offers travel tips for visiting Europe and beyond.

If you want to learn about different destinations around the world - tune in to Travel With Rick Steves.


Hopefully, these podcasts will help spark your heart for adventure and exploring God's Word. I'm so thankful that these amazing men and women are talking about God in our everyday travels. Travel teaches us so much about the journey of walking with the Lord, in all seasons and situations. May He guide you're every adventure.

Unlike other travel platforms that focus on organized tours or mission trips, Christian Travelers Network is here for the DIY Christian who likes to travel and connect with like-minded believers on their weekend trips, vacations, and holidays. As we build out this new platform, you can help shape the future of Christian travel by joining now. Enjoy free early access for the first two months and help us create the features, resources, and community you want to see. Let's reimagine Christian travel together! Get early access today!

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