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RV Relocation: How To Travel For $1 A Day

Updated: Mar 11

Being a budget-savvy traveler who finds a way to explore God's creation inexpensively is truly a talent. Being able to do it with a home on wheels is even better.

If you have ever considered traveling across the nation in an RV or Camper Van, then you know that there are some very expensive costs to consider. Will you:

  • purchase an RV or rent one?

  • remodel the RV and how much will that cost?

  • pay the cost of a campground every night or purchase solar panels and go boondocking?

What if I told you there was an inexpensive way to travel in an RV, at least to give the lifestyle a try before fully committing?

It's called RV and Camper Van Relocation Program.

RV Relocation- Travel for $1 A Day

Companies around the world require assistance in relocating their RVs from one city to another and want to do so in an inexpensive way. So instead of paying $200+ a night to rent an RV or Camper Van, they charge you anywhere from $1-$50 a night (depending on the company) and ask for your assistance in relocating to it's final destination. While this means the start and end of your journey is pre-determined, the route to get there is less so. Many give you up to a month to get to the final destination, meaning you can plan your own route and stop at your own destinations along the way!

With that in mind, we have put together a list of different programs and some basic info you need to know about each one, but we encourage you to visit their website for the most up to date details.

RV Relocating Across US


Cruise America

Types of Vehicles: Only RVs ranging from travel trailers to large Class A motorhomes

Nightly Cost: $9-$39 per night

Flexibility: Many require a minimum of 7 days of travel, but up to a month time to travel

Mileage: 200 miles per night, but some cap free miles between 1500-2000 miles

Add-ons: None listed

Notes: No one way drop off fees, $2,000 refundable security deposit at time of pickup, reservation deposit of $300 in non-refundable

This company is one of the most well-known RV companies there is, with RV locations across the United States and in Canada. Costs per night seems to range from $9-$39 a night and they do not have any camper van options to travel with. All in all, a decent company if you feel comfortable driving a larger vehicle.

Find Cruise America RV relocations here.

Elmonte RV

Types of Vehicles: Primarily Class A & C RVs

Nightly Cost: decreases by percentages, anywhere from 30-80% off a night, call for more info

Flexibility: 5-10 nights

Mileage: ranges from 500-1500

Add-ons: None listed

Notes: No one way drop off fees

Located in the United States, if you are comfortable with driving a large RV this is a reasonable company. Unfortunately, the do have a limited number of days of travel.


Types of Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, RVs, Camper Vans, etc.

Nightly Cost: $1 - $28

Flexibility: 5-30 nights, with some having options to add on more days for a higher fee

Mileage: ranges, but some have an unlimited mileage options

Add-ons: The inclusion of a fuel credit is available on some trips

Notes: There is no way drop off fees

Based in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States. They help move all kinds of vehicles for different companies around the world. They are one of the most cost-effective relocation companies and let you drive a lot more smaller and reasonable side vehicles.

Indie Campers

Types of Vehicles: Largely Class C Motorhomes and the occasional Camper Van

Nightly Cost: $2 - $22

Flexibility: 6-11 nights

Mileage: 200 miles per night

Add-ons: The inclusion of a fuel credit is available on some trips

Notes: Occasionally includes kitchen and cooking supplies

Largely based in the United States, this company offers inexpensive options for traveling in RVs and Camper Vans. While they have a limited amount of miles of travel per night, they do travel from the Midwest to many places around the country making them one of the most centrally located options.

Camper Van Relocation

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Traveling in an RV or Camper Van doesn't have to be expensive and it can be an incredible way to connect with other believers on the road!

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